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We can provide a local plumber 24 hour a day in West Hills. For your home, office, retail, restaurant, hospital, hotel and more.

We provide plumbing repair, replacement, maintenance and new installations.

Residential Plumbing

Would you like to have your home plumbing remodeled or toilet replaced? Then reach out to us. We have extensive experience in all types of residential plumbing services and can advise you in best practice and material choice within your budget.

Commercial Plumbing

We provide excellent commercial plumbing services in West Hills. Such as complete plumbing remodeling of hotels, shopping center, medical facilities and restaurants.

We can help your company with anything from unclogging services to maintenance and upgrades of plumbing.

Emergency Plumber

If a plumbing emergency strikes at any time in West Hills. Then call us on (818)536-7868. Because with our 24 hour service, we have a West Hills emergency plumber ready now!

Maintenance Plumbing

Our plumbers deliver maintenance services for you. We highly recommend this to our commercial clients. Regular maintenance saves you time, money and trouble.

Main Line Repiping

We recommend our clients go for the main line repiping when during our inspection we find that there are many copper pinhole leaks all through the pipes in your home or office. Such leaks are generally not confined to a particular spot. You are more likely to develop these holes in a visible area of the exposed pipe.we have a team of experienced and trained plumbers

Leak Detection Repair

Water leaks are generally thought by many property owners as simple issues. Even, many of them do not think that they need a professional to help with this. The problem with a leaking faucet is that you do not know what happens underneath the floor and behind the walls. Whenever you see a leaking faucet, it is natural that you

Gas Plumber

We at Nikuz Plumbing and Rooting wish to share some basic details here. Similar to water plumbing, you might have gas lines in your home or office that carry propane or natural gas from a specific source. The source can be the city service or even from a supply tank located in common for all homes in your apartment complex. Either way, the gas lines are always filled.

Water Heater

With our experience in this domain, we at Nikuz Plumbing and Rooting have noticed that heating elements in an electric water heater fail long before the water heater. However, replacing the heating elements is a simple process. You can do it as a DIY project by seeing some useful videos online. We are here to bring back your water heater to proper working condition irrespective of the problem

Unclogging Service

The most courses of these clogging problems are foreign objects and food leftovers which prevents the water from draining properly from the sink. However, anytime this happens, you don’t have to worry about what to do because here at Nikuz Plumbing and rooting we can get it back flowing. All you need to do is to just give us a call and our expert will be at your services within a very short period of time.


Nikuz Plumbing and Rooting has the vision to remain West Hills best plumber!


We focus on you as a customer and promise you long lasting plumbing solutions.

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Our services have been making your plumbing flow since the 1980s. West Hills in Los Angeles is where we started our journey.

Since inception, we have been looking for new and useful ways to improve West Hills plumbing systems every year. The people here are not just our clients; they are our neighbors, friends, and family.

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